Aim and format
Changes in computer science, information gathering and the possibilities of the internet continue to vastly influence the way social sciences and humanities are dealing with data collection and analysis. The next KWALON Conference on Qualitative Data Analysis Software aims to organize the reflection on the implications of the recent innovations and trends. Developers and users of software have been invited reflect on the developments of the past years and to take them as a starting point for a discussion of the requirements for the future versions of QDA tools. We aim for a fruitful debate between developers and users. Apart from practitioners, trainers and other end users, participants will include representatives from (in alphabetical order): ATLAS.ti, Cassandre, Dedoose, F4 analyse, MAXQDA, NVivo, DiscoverText, QDA Miner and Quirkos.


The conference will be organized by KWALON, the Dutch network for qualitative research in conjunction with the Criminology Department of the School of Law of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The program committee consists of Jeanine Evers (KWALON and Erasmus School of Law), Franciska de Jong (Erasmus Studio, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands) and Trena Paulus (Qualitative Research Program, Department of Lifelong Education, Administration and Policy, University of Georgia, USA).

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